As designer and creative strategist, Mies Loogman makes playful concepts and catchy formats to communicate knowledge, innovations and societal issues to a wide audience.

Governmental organisations, universities, museums and companies can implement these strategic communication tools to reach their audience and consumers are provided with tools to enable them to form their own opinion.


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Translating the question of the client and the origin of the problem into a design question. An open question that invites to share ideas for possible solutions.


Diving into the topic. Reading up on the knowledge that’s already available, talking to experts and doing action-based research with the target group through design thinking.


Defining possible solutions in multiple directions. Structuring the research and defining the context to create realistic concepts.


Creating tangible concepts by visualizing and designing possible solutions. Designing and making brings an idea into reality. That can be a solution and an answer to the client’s question.


These four steps form the basis of concepts and for the advice to the client. Multiple solutions are being developed and presented in both text and visuals. Giving the client a tangible advice on how to achieve their goals.


When the client is convinced about the ideas, one of the concepts can be realised. Mies believes that when the ideas are good, there is no reason not to realise them.


Projects out of own interest and fascinations on topics that Mies believes should be more accessible and more clarified than the current point of view on it.

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