Enlightens creates clarity in complexity

As a designer and analytical thinker, Mies Loogman loves to dive into topics and filter out the parts needed to create a story that is understandable for everyone. Governmental organisations, universities, museums and companies can implement these strategic designs to inform society, and consumers are provided with tools to enable them to form their own opinion about societal issues.

The way it’s communicated and realised defines the brand.

work proces

Analyze step 1/4

Translating the question of the client and the origin of the problem into a design question.
Which elements are needed to come to a clear result?

Research step 2/4

Diving into the topic by talking to experts, the target group and reading up on the knowledge that’s already available. It’s a moment of gathering information and gaining knowledge.

Strategize step 3/4

Structuring the research in which the design question forms the starting point. Defining multiple directions that can lead to possible creative solutions.

Visualize step 4/4

Creating tangible concepts through visualisations of the possible solutions. Not only showcasing how the ideas work, but also how they could be implemented.



These four steps lead to an advice that the client can use to achieve their goals.


When the client is convinced about the ideas, the advice can be realized. We believe that when the ideas are good, there is no reason not to realise them.


Even when working for clients, we look at the bigger picture. A concept proposal comes with a set of ideas of other places it could be implemented. Next to the consultancy and commissioned work, I initiate projects out of my own interest. Based on information I pick up and stories I hear I feel there is a necessity to make a topic accessible for a wider audience. Once I’m on to something, I look for collaborations with experts, people from the field, and the target group to find the right format to communicate the information.