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Genetic Modification & Sustainable Agriculture

This book takes you on an introductory tour in the world of plant breeding, our food system and how to feed the growing world population in the future. An illustrated step by step introduction of parameters that influence the food system, not to convince but to let people think about the future of our food in the full context.

PRICE €16,50 including shipping costs in The Netherlands

Language: English
Pages: 94


Rent the Gene Machine

Have an event, happening or a presentation that fits the theme of sustainable food production for the growing world population? Or an event about new breeding techniques, genetic modification or the food system in general? Mies will be happy to join you with her Gene Machine and share the story of our plantbreeding technique with the visitors. Available in English and German, other languages on request. Want to rent it out for more than one day? Please contact me for a custom-made quotation.

PRICE € 750,-/ day
Rent the Gene Machine