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Creative Communities

Creative Communities play an important role in the development and gentrification of a city, for example within abandoned areas and old industrial sides. Creatives raise value but somehow, they’re not the ones who pick the fruits of that. While they are of great value for the places they are in. Not just for the municipality of Eindhoven, but also in other cities and countries and for their neighborhoods and for the members of these communities. But how to measure the value that creatives make? And how could you make these creative communities more resilient for future plans of city councils?

Together with Tove Elfferich, Fiona Jongejans, Beerd Gieteling and Philipp Rol we explore the character of creative areas in Eindhoven and how these communities could be strengthened. We kick-off with TAC, NRE and Sectie-C where we are part of the communities ourselves. But we do see the connections with other creative areas in Eindhoven and opportunities for new creative areas to build upon the experiences we already gathered. In that way we can contribute to the empowerment of the creative industry to strengthen themselves and secure the continuation of these creative communities.


This project is supported by Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven.