september 2020 – ongoing


When do you experience exclusion?

“Our ABN” makes unconscious exclusion visible and open to discussion through a card game. The participants clothing items determine the game. So that everyone is treated evenly  unequally. If you are used to being ‘the norm’, you will experience with ‘Our ABN’ what it is like not to be the norm. Examples or experiences from unconscious exclusion in language, locations and situations are the basis for conversations about diversity and inclusion within the bank.

ABN AMRO selected Mies Loogman – enlightens to develop the concept towards a prototype. Together with ABN AMRO, Mies will now further develop the prototype and refine the card game.

Ons ABN is commissioned by ABN AMRO in collaboration with What If Lab.
Read the full article about this What If Lab here and about the result of the prototyping phase here.






Dutch Designer Mies Loogman zegt: “Exclusie. Daar kies je niet voor, het overkomt je.” Op ons verzoek, als sponsor van de Dutch Design Week en met het doel om inclusie onder medewerkers te bevorderen, ontwerpt Mies een spel waarmee mensen kunnen ervaren wat exclusie is en hoe het voelt.