september 2020 – januari 2021


When do you experience exclusion?

In “Our ABN”, Mies Loogman links unconscious exclusion in language to places where exclusion occurs. Her toolkit forms the basis for conversations about inclusion by having people experience exclusion. Existing locations where everyone comes and where people are “filtered” in some way, such as gender-specific restrooms or time registration gates at offices with one wide entrance for people in wheelchairs, serve as the starting point. When you are used to being “the norm” you suddenly experience what it’s like to nót fit the norm.

Enlightens has been selected to develop her concept further. Together with ABN AMRO, Mies will investigate in what form the feeling of exclusion can best be transferred to ABN AMRO employees and how, in the future, this can also be used outside of the office environment.

Ons ABN is commissioned by ABN AMRO in collaboration with What If Lab.
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