A- (just) Life

A- (just) Life

2020 – 2021


With the project ‘A- (just) Life’, designer Mies Loogman aims to make the impact of artificial life on society conceivable to a wide audience. To this end, she will collaborate with researcher Michelle Habets of the Rathenau Instituut.

A new Copernican revolution is coming. Just as our worldview changed radically because The Earth was not at the center of the universe, but appeared to be a planet among many other planets, and our view of humanity radically changed because Darwin took man off his pedestal, so our worldview will change again, as it turns out that life can be made in the lab. Not a special spirit, but bundles of physicochemical systems.

So food for thought. In the context of the ‘Future Panel’ project, they therefore examine the social and ethical aspects of building synthetic life. Loogman develops future scenarios together with the Rathenau Instituut. These are made tangible in a spatial installation. The aim is to stimulate and facilitate the debate about a world with artificial life.


Open Call Space for talent#4

With the Open Call Space for talent#4, the Creative Industries Fund NL supports designers who want to take a new step in the development of their artistic practice and seek collaboration with a partner to do so.