Digestible Chunks of Information

Digestible Chunks of Information

Explore how fruits and vegetables are adjusted and could be made to feed the growing world population. Seven techniques and one book give you insight in the hidden world of crop development, the complexity of our food system and makes you understand why the European food policies needs to change.


Biotechnology and biodiversity are abstract words that come to live talking about food security and urban development. To ensure food security, not just in Europe but mostly in developing countries, innovative techniques are necessary to develop edible plant or adjust existing plants to the fast changing weather conditions. These techniques exist, but they are still subject to strict legislation in Europe due to the complexity and variety of these genetic techniques. The usability of these techniques is thereby practically excluded. The Gene Machine (2017) showcases the variety and the book Genetic Modification & Sustainable Agriculture gives insight in the complexity and the context of these new techniques within the food system. From Cabbage to Super-cow (2019, NEMO), emphasizes on how these techniques work and shows the differences and comparisons.

Monday 21st and Sunday 27th you’ve the opportunity to have lunch or dine in the middle of the exhibition and learn everything about food in 2050. Book at > DDW’19 > atelier dinners/lunches.

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