wanneer men leven nabouwt in het lab

Oktober 2021 – 2022


Hoping to discover ‘how life works’, 6 Dutch research institutes joined forces for ten years with the aim of building a synthetic cell.In the hopes to discover ‘how life works’, Dutch researchers have been trying to build a synthetic cell for over ten years. Traditionally biotechnology is about improving existing life forms. Whereas the introduction of a synthetic cell, would enable the creation of new life forms.

We are at the birth of a ground-breaking invention, influencing society and the role that technology plays in it. A topic that should not merely be discussed with scientists and experts, but also with you. This conversation starter and the podcast series ‘Recreated’ welcome you to discuss and envision the future: does it include the synthetic cell?

In a unique collaboration, designer Mies Loogman and the Rathenau Institute are joining forces. Driven by curiosity and necessity, they use the imaginative quality of design to make research on the synthetic cell tangible. With the mission to start a conversation with one another.

This project is support by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.



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