Photo: Maarten Coolen




Call it a design studio, incubator, network organization or social design team! Lab-C creates space to ‘burst bubbles’ and achieve tangible results. It is a place to meet where wicked problems are tackled through collaboration. Our formula, in which you work with (social) designers, connectors, stakeholders and experienced process supervisors, leads to valuable insights, disruptive solutions and a ‘travel experience’ that gives you the momentum you are looking for.


Who is Lab-C?

LAB-C is a collaboration (2020) between initiators: Operatie Frisse PeperTranslab and Enlightens.

Karin Mommers (work and organizational psychologist), Captain Focus & Structure
Peggy Dieters-Cup (meeting and connection director), Captain Connection & Comfort
Mies Loogman (designer of clarity in complexity), Captain Art & Design

Under the name LAB-C we have put our backpacks full of experience together and we connect all the clever inspiring minds in the field. We connect the right cross-thinkers with the issues and work towards a direction of a solution according to design principles.

Where to find

You will find us at Sectie-C in Eindhoven, the naked hotspot of creativity and the Walhalla of design. With a community of creativity, expertise, visual and creative ability. You will be re-coded as soon as you step onto the site. We let you speak your own language and tempt you to simplify and make the movement you want to make manageable. Immerse yourself in the permanent temporality of this terrain.

The team

LAB-C is rich in creativity, expertise, visual and creative ability in all sorts of areas with curious copywriters, trainers, designers, makers and photographers. The team consists of the following entrepreneurs and designers and will grow over time:

Studio Dag
Studio Goof
Florian de Visser – Site Stories
Tini Studio
Chris Dierckx
Maarten Coolen
Onterfd Goed
Bernhard Lenger
De Chocolademeisjes
Juul Rameau
Barbara Groenen
Lizzy Schnell (student)
Just Daan Media