Blik van de Straat

Blik van de Straat

September 2021 – December 2021


Less cars in the streets, less dirty emissions, more space for greenery and fun. Sharing more can help achieve these goals. What does it take to get rid of possessions and habits? In Blik van de Straat, the wishes, needs and barriers that exist in three types of neighborhoods are visualized with personas. Based on the question ‘How can sustainable shared mobility contribute to the needs in the neighbourhood?’ strategies are then outlined for each neighbourhood.

The cart developed serves as a conversation starter and outlines a utopia in which ‘sharing’, ‘green’, ‘clean’ and ‘everyone’ are central. Reality rises above this: barriers that people encounter in the transition to sustainable shared mobility. The very question ‘Why are you not using sustainable shared mobility yet?’ provides interesting insights into obstacles, wishes, motivations, (spatial) needs and opportunities.

We have translated these insights from the qualitative research into five personas: urban activist, social family manager, freedom of movement cherisher, car cherisher with a fear of contamination and car dependent leisure traveler. These archetypal representations of neighborhood residents and potential users are the starting point for spatial strategies and discussions with stakeholders. The three spatial strategies form an intermediate step towards the final solution and are part of a larger movement in the field of sustainable shared mobility in Den Bosch.


Blik van de Straat, 2021, supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL.
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Project team: Florian de Visser – Site Stories, Manon de Kok – Operatie Frisse Peper, Mies Loogman and Catalina Balcázar – enlightens and Ron Bos – Municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch.