Illustratie: Sander Wassink


Vision Book Sectie-C

Vision Book Sectie-C

Eindhoven is in transition. Sectie-C is in transition. The creative hotspot where Enlightens is situated. Sectie-C exists of designers and makers who think in possibilities instead of limitations. This characterizes the growing group of creative entrepreneurs perfectly, but in the meantime also has a disadvantage for the place. Why? Because many think that they can do it all by themselves at Sectie-C. And that’s a misunderstanding. The ideas across the vision document are ambitious and can’t be realized without financial support, participation and involvement of third parties. We, as Sectie-C, can’t make this happen on their own and that’s also not what we want. We are committed to make the connections, to open up to the city.

Enlightens did the graphic design of the book and brought the content together in an understandable way. Making it accessible for the people Sectie-C wants to collaborate with.

Would you like to have a read and see how you could contribute and support Sectie-C? You can download a pdf version straight away at the press page or read it online here. For a high-res version, please send an email to