Dutch Design Week 2018

Being part of Eindhoven means being part of the Dutch Design Week for ten days. Although it are hectic times, it is at the same time a fantastic one. This year Enlightens was present at four different locations and participating at several events. The Gene Machine was part of the exhibition What’s in it for you? The added value of Design from the Driving Dutch Design program. A new installation, the Cooperation Installation was presented at the exhibition from Eindhoven Museum with Museum Through the City (Museum door de Stad). In the greenhouse of Agri Meets Design you could listen to an audio story about crop protection and at Yksi Expo you could see Wild Leather at the exhibition Like Leather. Besides these daily happenings, Mies participated in a talk show about the past, present and future of our food, a design thinking session organized by Agri Meets Design and the presentation of the Vision Document of Sectie-C of course. Besides all these events and happenings, DDW18 also marked the launch of Enlightens. The brand Mies Loogman has been working on over the past year.

Dutch Design geeft boeren de X-factor - Trouw Design deployed to boost new systems - DDW Magazine Agri Meets Design - Studio 040 Food Design op Sectie-C - Studio 040